Watering Solutions for Your Garden

Summer is hitting hard in the UK this year and people are loving it, but are your plots or gardens?

Many people find it hard to maintain growth in their gardens during the summer as water evaporates a lot quicker and it's quite dry. Some people have gardens that are exposed to sunlight which means plants need to be kept watered more often. However, this can be a struggle for some people, as they may not have the time or resources to keep their gardens well-watered due to being busy either homeschooling or working from home.

Here at Nutley's, we have the best watering solutions you will ever need to keep your gardens healthy and flourishing throughout this summer!

We now have NEW Haws finest quality watering cans in stock. Haws has been making high-quality watering cans since 1886, now manufactured and hand-finished in Smethwick, West Midlands. These are elegant and stylish watering cans, perfectly designed for the watering of your plants and pots. With beautiful curved spouts, they are traditional metal cans with a modern twist.

If you are looking for something more simple than a watering can, Nutley's have our very own Bottle Top Waterers, a great little set of four watering roses which simply screw on to used plastic bottles. The gentle and accurate flow is excellent for seeds, seedlings and pot plants, and it's a good way to re-use old bottles too! They fit most standard plastic bottles - from 300ml to 3 litre sizes. A cheap and efficient way of reducing plastic waste and providing a decent watering solution for your smaller plants.

For those you find it hard to take the time out to water their plants, Nutley's has got the products for you! We have a range of self-watering products to choose from.


  • Self-watering trays from Garland, excellent trays that have been designed specially to water your plants while you are away or busy. Also useful in greenhouses for watering cuttings and seedlings, as plants can take exactly the amount of water they need. Also available in a windowsill size.
  • Water Waiters Drippers from Haxnicks, a fun self-watering system for house plants. The water-waiters draw water into the soil as needed and are simple to set up and use, plus they're great for giving plants a constant water supply if you're busy.
  • Water Saucers from Haxnicks, a simple but ingenious plant watering system. Simply place the saucer under a pot, and the super absorbent capillary wick will draw up water to the roots. Over and under-watering will no longer be a problem, and the large capacity of the saucers will mean plants can look after themselves for longer. Water saucers are perfect for pairing with 5-litre Haxnicks Vigoroot™ pots, also available here at Nutley's.
  • Dripper Kits, an excellent little piece of kit which can water your plants at a steady drip rate over several days. Works with soft plastic bottles, so old milk bottles are ideal. The larger the bottle, the longer the watering period. They can be used all around the garden, with the bottle hidden in foliage.

These products will help to keep your garden or plot in a healthy state when you haven't got the time to maintain them.

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