Can I Recycle My Nutley's Modiform Pots?

With the growing understanding and enthusiasm about reducing the amount of single-use plastics in your garden, Nutley’s Kitchen Gardens are keen to help you cut down or responsibly dispose of the garden plastics that you have used during the sowing and growing season.

Most of our modiform plastic items that are used in the garden can be reused if treated with care for year after year, but we also understand the desire to cut down or even eradicate plastic both in your garden and your home.

Let’s start with the most popular question we receive about the modiform garden pots. Are they recyclable?

Simply put, yes. The pots are made from a polypropylene and are category 5 in the recycling list. You can see this from that famous ‘chasing arrows’ symbol on the base of the pot. Other items that usually appear under this category 5 are furniture, toys as well as external parts of the car such as bumpers and liners. Although most councils will allow you to recycle the garden pots, you will need to check your council’s local collection information to check.

The modiform pots that Nutley’s sell are also made from recycled materials. However, if you are looking to completely banish plastic from your garden some exciting alternatives are affordable and once again can be used season after season.

One of these is the Nutley’s Coco Fibre Pots which are available in a thin and thick variation.
These pots are made using sustainably sourced coir and are organic and can be directly potted into the ground instead of having to remove them from the plastic as seen when using the modiform options. The product will eventually begin to degrade and allow the roots of the plant to expand. If, however, you would like to reuse the pots, simply use them to grow your seedlings and them pot them into a larger plot and store the coco fibre pots ready for next season.

Other ways to eliminate plastic from your garden is by using strong alternatives such as Bamboo. Haxnicks launched a new range in 2019 which is made from bamboo and rice. The eco-friendly full-sized seed tray will last 5 or more years in normal use and is suitable both indoor and outdoor. When you no longer need the tray, simply break into pieces and place on the compost heap. From there it will biodegrade naturally within 6 to 12 months.

If you want to reuse your garden pots though instead of recycling them, there are other fun options. You can always upcycle the plastic pots by making it into fun and colourful flower décor in the garden. Simply cut from the top of the pot to the base, paint the flowers in the colours you wish and then pin them to a feature wall in your garden or allotment. Whether you are wanting to make the shed in your allotment a bit more vibrant or you are looking for a fun activity for little ones in the garden, the pots don’t have to end up in the landfill.

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