How One Product Can Increase your Produce Yield by 30%

As someone that grows produce in your garden or allotment, you are probably always keen to improve on the previous harvest or grow more than ever before! What if we let you into a little secret that has been proven to yield 30% more produce than a standard plastic garden pot. Got your attention?

Tomatoes can be a fun and satisfying vegetable to grow in your plot, often generating a glut of produce for you to use in your salads or in tasty dishes. In a recent trial by respected garden and horticultural writer Beth Otway, also known by her website name Pumpkin Beth, she demonstrated that through using one product she was able to increase the yield of tomatoes she grew by an average of 30%.

What is this product I hear you cry? It’s the Haxnicks Vigoroot™ Potato/Tomato Planter. When using a normal plastic pot, roots become pot-bound and their growth is restricted meaning the amount that can be grown in limited. The plastic also means fewer nutrients are absorbed, and you are continuously needing to upgrade the size of the pot the product is in.

With the Haxnicks Vigoroot™ planter, available in a huge range of sizes and styles, the root tips are pruned which allows a strong, fibrous root system to develop and as a result, more nutrients will be absorbed. The pots also offer strong protection to the produce you are growing from events like harsh weather, diseases or even your pesky pets!

The trial, which used the same Dalefoot compost throughout and the same amount of water on each of the 15 varieties of tomato that was grown, saw that 12 of the 15 varieties had more success in the Haxnicks Vigoroot™ planter. In some cases, the planter had a 2900% improvement on the yield per plant (kg) then what was grown in the plastic pot.

During the trial, it was understood that the nature of the Haxnicks Vigoroot™ planter meant it needed more water than the standard plastic pot, but conditions would not be changed to meet the need of the planter. For this reason, it was noted that the yield could have been even bigger for the Haxnicks Vigoroot™ planter but they were being underwatered to maintain standard conditions during the trial. On all of the Haxnicks Vigoroot™ range, watering suggestions are given to make your growing yield as big as possible.

Some of the tomato plants also succumbed to growing problems during the trial. These tomatoes were not included in the end result, but it was noted that the products in the Haxnicks Vigoroot™ planter did suffer much less than in the plastic pots. The damaged recorded was splitting (11% in plastic vs 7% in Vigoroot™) and Blossom End Rot (17% in plastic vs 5% in Vigoroot™).

Haxnicks Vigoroot  Planter

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