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Nutley's Blog Posts

  • The Gentle, The Fun and The Charitable

    Who could have anticipated how sought after compost, seeds and gardening videos were going to become in 2020?  Or just how much a simple walk or a...
  • National Gardening Week

    Explore exciting ways to get involved in National Gardening Week below!

  • Seedy Secrets: Storing, Saving & Swapping

    Okay, now we have your attention with ‘seedy secrets’, it’s time to admit, this is not that much of a seedy article, and more about the essential seed knowledge every gardener will need at some point in their gardening career.
  • The Female Gardener’s Triumph

    A new generation of online female gardeners have been busy building a community and breaking down barriers by inspiring and instigating conversations around the tribulations and triumphs of cultivating practical and beautiful green spaces. We have reached out to three wonderful women who are part of this wave of change. They told us a little bit about their gardening story, approach to challenges and their inspiration. 
  • Is the traditional method of digging over our soil now outdated? We’ve weighed up the pros and cons for both methods

    Traditionally, we dig over our beds and planters, turning the soil ready for planting. This helps to aerate the soil, break up hard clumps and disturb any weeds. However, over the last few years, a no-dig method of cultivation has taken the horticultural community by storm. But which is better for your garden? 
  • Our Tips And Tricks For Staying Motivated And Organised This Winter

    Often, getting things right in the garden can be largely down to trowel and error, but organising your time is key for getting the most out of your...
  • Small Space Garden Design

    At Nutley’s, we believe that the size of your green space (or lack thereof) should never get in the way of your botanical vision. Whether you own a...
  • Alcohol Infusion Recipes

    Homemade alcohols and alcohol infusions are a fantastic way of impressing your dinner guests, or showing off your newfound talent to family and fri...
  • Nutley’s Advent Calendar

    In anticipation of a Christmas unlike any other, Nutley’s has gathered up their creative minds and crafty products to bring you Nutley’s Advent Calendar!

    From homemade gifts for your loved ones, to novel ways of decorating your home and garden, we’ll be giving you a new idea to try out every day leading up to Christmas. 

  • Preserving The Passion, How Neil Brought His Love Of Gardening Indoors

    Following Neil and Caroline’s summer of horticulture; growing produce from the bottom of their kitchen fridge, they have gone on to bring their gar...
  • How One Couple Grew A Vegetable Garden From The Bottom Of Their Fridge

    At the beginning of March 2020, Neil Tyler had never so much as picked up a trowel or planted a seed in his life. A retired electrical engineer who had spent many years in rented accommodation in the Middle East and West Indies, the pleasures of gardening had entirely passed him by. Then came lockdown.

  • Watering Solutions For Your Garden

    Many people find it hard to maintain growth in their gardens during the warmer months, whether it's because the ground becomes dry quickly or plants have too much exposure to sunlight. Constantly keeping plants watered can be a struggle, as time might be used elsewhere such as homeschooling or returning back to work. 

    In this blog post, Nutley's evaluates the best options for keeping your plants watered and healthy whatever your timescale or budget.