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Nutley's Blog Posts

  • What is Organic September?

    It’s the month of September and the time when harvesting season is in full swing. You get to pick and eat all the delicious fruits and vegetables you have been growing, making wonderful meals with your fresh produce, as well as creating fun and tasty jams and preserves with the glut of berries around. For us at Nutley’s, as well as many of you, it’s our favourite time of year.

    However, did you know that this month is also known as ‘Organic September’? Created and led by the Soil Association, this campaign aims to be the biggest of its kind in encouraging people to choose organic and show how it can be a springboard for a wider change.

  • How One Product Can Increase Your Produce Yield By 30%

    As someone that grows produce in your garden or allotment, you are probably always keen to improve on the previous harvest or grow more than ever before! What if we let you into a little secret that has been proven to yield 30% more produce than a standard plastic garden pot. Got your attention?

    Continue reading the blog post to find out more!

  • Can I Recycle My Nutley's Modiform Pots?

    With the growing understanding and enthusiasm about reducing the amount of single-use plastics in your garden, Nutley’s Kitchen Gardens are keen to help you cut down or responsibly dispose of the garden plastics that you have used during the sowing and growing season.

    Most of our modiform plastic items that are used in the garden can be reused if treated with care for year after year, but we also understand the desire to cut down or even eradicate plastic both in your garden and your home.

  • 3 Things To Do In The Garden With The Kids This Summer

    We all know it is important to keep the kids occupied, entertained and educated during the summer break and what better place to do this than in the garden; allowing them to spend time in the sun, take in the fresh air and get their hands dirty!

    Here at Nutley’s Kitchen Gardens, we have put together the top activities you can do in the garden with your little one, allowing them to get creative and have fun whilst also helping improve the garden and encourage more birds and important insects to your plot.

  • Download the FREE Nutley's Sowing Calendar

    Thank you for your interest in the free Nutley's Kitchen Gardens Sowing Calendar.  Got any further ideas to make your experience with Nutley's bet...
  • Planters Paradise - The Rise of the Growbag

    BloemBagz Fabric planters are the essential items needed in your garden. The double walled grow bags, that are available in a variety of colours and capacities, promote air pruning for a superior root structure and bigger yield.